ISBN 0 86023 318 9
Vol II ISBN 0 86023 665 X
Stewkley, Bucks
Kate Mayne
Stewkley in Camera
Both by Robert Dickens, currently out of print,
but copies do appear on auction sites.
History of the Church
by the
Rev. J E Smith-Masters
Stewkley, Bucks
A brief history of the Church and Village by Kate Mayne
with contributions on Old Industries by William G Capp.
First printed in 1955 and reprinted in 1997.
The cost of the book is £2 plus 50p P&P.
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St Michael´s Church, Stewkley, Bucks:
History of the Church

By Rev. J. E. Smith-Masters, M.A.
Sometime Vicar of Stewkley and Rural Dean of Mursley.

First edition: Michaelmas, 1908
Second edition: Michaelmas, 1923

Price One Shilling and Sixpence.

John Smith-Masters´ definitive history and description of St Michael´s Church, together with points of interest connected with the Church, its inventory, churchwardens´ accounts, a list of Rectors and Vicars, and notes on the village.

This book has long been out of print.
Very rarely copies emerge on E-Bay, and one or two precious copies are owned privately in Stewkley.