Other Places of Worship

First Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

This building was erected by 1800 on High Street North to be the first Wesleyan Methodist chapel.
It was a place of worship for 40 years then was converted into a dwelling when the congregation moved to the new building in Chapel Square.

Wesleyan Methodist Centenary Chapel

In 1839, to accommodate an increasing congregation, the Wesleyan Methodists moved to their new Centenary Chapel and schoolroom in Chapel Square. It was enlarged in 1873 when a new schoolroom was also built on the opposite side of the square. Attendance declined however in the latter half of the 20C and the two Methodist congregations combined.
This chapel was demolished in 1988, shortly afterwards a house was built on the site. The chapel schoolroom is also now a dwelling.

Holy Trinity Church

This chapel of ease was created in the 1860s from a row of four cottages in Dunton Road, by the vicar of the time Rev Charles Travers. It served the south end of the village which had many small cottages and large families.
Holy Trinity continued to be used for services and baptisms until WWI after which the building was used for storage and became derelict until conversion into a home in the 1950s.

Primitive Methodist Chapel

As the first Primitive Methodist chapel in Orchard Lane became too small for the attendances at Sunday services
(held morning, afternoon and evening), a new chapel was built on High Street South, with a schoolroom alongside in matching style. Funds were raised from donations by many village families and the chapel opened in 1903.
This chapel, now named High Street Methodist, continues in use today.

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